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This was a longer project during the Service Design course at Yrgo that we did for the Swedish pen company Ballograf. In this project, we planned and organized the business resources to directly improve the employees' experience, and therefore indirectly improve the customer experience.

Some of the methods used: 

  • Interviews

  • Customer Blueprint 

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Business model canvas 

  • Sprint 

My role

As a UX Designer I was a part of the whole process, both in planning

and execution. 

Team size

6 people in total, all UX Designers




6 weeks



So, what's the problem? 

Ballogaf wanted us to look at their whole company to figure out possible pain points for them. They wanted us to specifically look at the process for companies that want to order pens with prints. Ballograf wanted both resellers and customers to be happy, but they also had requests to sell directly from their

website in the future.


The process

A journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step

To not get lost in my process I used the Double Dimond methodology.

Research, Analyze, synthesize

Prototype, test, refine

At first, it was hard to understand the whole picture of the process. It's a bit complex because Ballograf uses retailers to sell their product, but also sells directly from their website. There's also a lot of information that needs to be exchanged during different stages between Ballograf, retailers, and customers.

We didn't have a lot of information to start with so everyone on the team created a separate theoretical customer journey map of how we thought the process looked like. It turned out that we all had pretty much the same picture of the process. We found a bunch of pain points we knew we wanted to ask about during interviews. We also did secondary research to get a deeper understanding.




open-peeps (10).png



open-peeps (3).png


Employee Ballograf


Form - customers


  • The process is rather long consisting of mail back and forth

  • A lot of costumers of retailers don't know that Ballograf is the producer or that it's possible to order from their website

  • They don't know about the product and its benefits

  • They don't know about the ordering process 

  • Ballograf can't lower their price because then they would compete with their retailers who are also their customers


Marketing of products

Information about products


Communication within

the company

We blended everything into

Order process

Ballograf mockup.png


We decided to do a short design sprint to use our time the most effectively. 

Day 1: Understand
and align

  • Set a long-term goal 

  • List sprint questions 

  • Ask experts 

  • How might we? 

  • Vote on HMW notes 

  • Pick a target

  • Pick roles

Day 2: Sketch

  • Lightning demos 

  • Divide or swarm 

  • The four-step sketch (Notes, Ideas, Crazy 8, Solution sketch)

Day 3: Decide

  • Sticky decision (dot-voting)

  • Prepare for prototype

We focused on the Ballografs process directly to customers because all retailers have different systems and processes. It would therefore be hard to make them all change.

Old process





Delivery company

New process




Delivery company

Some more research

During our sprint some new questions popped up, so we spoke to some more people: 

open-peeps (2).png
open-peeps (9)_edited.png

Developers to see if our idea is realistic and asked what it would cost

open-peeps (3).png


at Ballograf

open-peeps (1).png

Michelle in my team

visited the factory


We started with wireframes following the 4/8 methodology to make the prototype accessible for all screen sizes. We collaborated by dividing functions between us to design. This made each frame more uniform. 

Skärmavbild 2022-12-13 kl. 21.40.28.png

Low-fi to hi-fi

Skärmavbild 2022-12-13 kl. 21.43.27.png

Landing page

We redid the navigation to minimalistic and simplistic for easier navigation

Added info that most users miss

Skärmavbild 2022-12-13 kl. 11.48.16.png

Minimalistic way to

do marketing 

Skärmavbild 2022-12-15 kl. 15.19.05.png

Categories for easier navigation 

Skärmavbild 2022-12-15 kl. 15.19.17.png

Product page

Being able to save

a product

We also added a painted line from the pencil as well as color on pencil for more detailed presentation

To prevent users from getting overwhelmed, it's helpful to organize categories into swimlanes.

Design your own print page

Being able to design the pen live online

and see the design on

Color, files, and things that have a direct impact 

Skärmavbild 2022-12-15 kl. 16.01.38.png

Specifications hidden for a minimalistic experience

Accept correction page

Note from Ballograf with pictures

Skärmavbild 2022-12-15 kl. 16.09.39.png

Progress bar for the user to understand the process

Overview Ballograf

Overview with the statistics they need for a smoother process instead of e-mails


During this project, we were able to achieve a smooth and efficient workflow thanks to our structured approach and agile mindset.

We delivered: 

  • Our research 

  • Research-based Costumer Journey 

  • Research-based Service Blueprint 

  • Future Service Blueprint

  • Business Model Canvas 

  • Prototype 

  • Cost proposal

  • Presentation 



So, did I learn anything?

By clearly defining our tasks and milestones, we were able to stay on track and adjust our plan as needed. This allowed us to make progress quickly and efficiently, even when certain steps took longer than expected.

One aspect of our project that contributed to our success was our holistic perspective and focus on the user experience. We worked collaboratively and with a shared understanding of our goals, which allowed us to produce a lot of work in a short amount of time. However, we also recognized that our team's homogeneity could potentially limit our perspective and lead to missed opportunities. In future projects, we will strive to be more inclusive and diverse in order to benefit from a wider range of perspectives and experiences.

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