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Hi! This is me

My name is Elvira Nyman, a UX Designer building human-centered experiences, based in Gothenburg. Passionate about designing by solving the right problems.

Growing up, I have always had a love for creativity, art, and psychology. When I discovered UX Design my brain jumped out of pure joy at the idea of being able to apply all of my passions in this field.

I enjoy the challenge of creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and I find it very rewarding to see users interact with and enjoy the products I've designed.

I've always been driven to learn and grow, and I believe that working in UX will allow me to do just that while also making a positive impact on people's lives.


About me


Have creative hobbies!

I've knitted mostly socks and hats, but it's exciting times! I'm currently knitting my first sweater, wish me luck. 


I love games

Especially with strong characters, beautiful visuals, and incredible storylines.

Currently playing Bramble the Mountain King 


Like collecting plants

*Even though they die sometimes...


I love animals :)

*This is my puppy Idun. 

My journey




A group of students at a workshop. They're standing towards a wall with different groups of yellow post-its.


Elvira in an office smiling towards the camera.

Started working at Welcom

In April I started working at Welcom. Throughout this spring I've done everything from tactical analysis to user research and testing. I've also done wireframes, UX, and UI design using WCAG. One of the highlights of my experience has been to work on real-life projects for a  diverse group of clients.

Started studying UX Design at YRGO

2022 is when I started my journey to my dream job, UX Designer.

Through my education, I've learned a lot and had the opportunity to apply these skills through hands-on projects. I'm excited to continue learning and growing as a UX designer, and eager to see what the future holds. 

Office assistant - Bror Johansson & Co

At Bror Johansson & Co I worked as an office assistant. In the role, I have gained valuable experience in communication, organization, and problem-solving. I have learned how to work effectively in a team, prioritize tasks, and handle a variety of administrative responsibilities. I am confident in my ability to handle tasks efficiently and professionally, and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and contribute to the team's success.



  • User-centered design and design thinking, 50 Yh-p

  • Usability and prototyping design, 40 Yh-p

  • The final project, 30 Yh-p

  • Innovation processes, 40 Yh-p

  • Process and method in UX, 40 Yh-p

  • Service Design, 30 Yh-p

  • UX Strategy and Brand Experience, 40 Yh-p

  • LIA - internship, 130 Yh-p


  • (Some of my courses) 

  • Design 1, 100p

  • Design 2, 100p

  • Digitalt creation 1, 100p

  • Graphic communication 1, 100p

  • Construction 1, 100p

  • Psychology 1, 50p

  • Philosophy 1, 50p

  • Technology 1, 150p

  • Arts and form 1a1, 50p

  • Arts and form 1a2, 50p

  • Cad 1, 50p

  • Cad 2, 50p

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