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During this project I conducted a thorough analysis of Lagerhaus's website using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG), the new version 2.2 has just launched.

Our goal was to identify areas for improvement and equips Lagerhaus with actionable recommendations to enhance the website's inclusivity, enabling a seamless and enriching experience for all visitors.


My role

As a UX Designer, I looked at WCAG and presented the insights in an "easy to grasp" way giving Lagerhaus recommendations on moving forward. 

Team size

Just me




5 days



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So, what's the problem? 

Lagerhaus wanted to understand what changes they needed to make to follow the new WCAG version expected in the summer of 2025. 

What's WCAG about? 

Very briefly, there are four areas that WCAG covers, the product must be:


  • Simple to understand

  • Easy for the user to interact with

  • Easy to pick up and predictable

  • Must be able to support different types of aids

WCAG has three groups of criteria, A, AA & and AAA. Private owned companies only need to meet A & AA, where public companies must meet all requirements.


30 criteria


20 criteria


28 criteria

WCAG Process

My process for analysis 

Overview of the  current state


Make a plan

I collected all the guidelines in Figma to get an overview, Illustrating each with examples from the existing website. The guidelines were organized into categories, design, and code, highlighting the collaborative effort needed across different competencies for a comprehensive accessibility strategy.

During this initiative, I created a prioritized list of accessibility improvements, taking into account factors such as time, budget, impact, and the specific criteria involved. For instance, addressing A criteria before AAA criteria could be more efficient.

At the end

I'd like to say that, accessibility is a team responsibility. The role of a UX designer is to serve as a glue between different departments and ensure accessible design is acknowledged. 


Did I learn anything?

It was exciting working tight in a cross-functional team, it gave me a better understanding of my UX role and how to work to best complement each other. 

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