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A concept aiming to increase awareness about electricity usage and costs. The app lets users check real-time prices, helping them decide when to use electricity, especially for those on hourly pricing plans. This project aimed to empower users to make smarter energy choices for a better future.

Some of the methods used: 

  • Secondary research

  • Interview

  • Think out loud 

  • Microsoft reaction cards

  • SUS-scale

My role

I planned and conducted the tests and then came up with design proposals. 

Team size

Just me


5 days



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So, what's the problem? 

The challenge lies in the lack of understanding among many users regarding the costs associated with

household electricity usage. 

The project

In this project, my focus was on design evaluation. The goal was to test and enhance the user experience of an existing product through testing and analysis.

The goal of the test: 


Is the user being guided instead of searching himself?


How is the app perceived? 


The general feeling about the concept.

The test

Qualitative (Why)

To ensure a comprehensive analysis with as big a perspective as possible, I used data triangulation. This involved answering questions about why certain issues occurred, what exactly the issues were, and how they impacted the user experience.

The test started off with an interview and turned into a Think Out Loud test with tasks. The test was conducted

on four people. After the tasks were done they answered Microsoft Reaction Cards and a SUS-scale. 


Observation (How) 

Quantitative (What) 


This whole test resulted in a presentation I showed to the customer Göteborg Energi. In the presentation, I showed the results in the form of pain points, Microsoft Reaction Cards, and the SUS scale. I also gave a proposal for relievers of the pain points. 

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So, did I learn anything?

This project was my first "real-world testing" outside of school. It was eye-opening to see the differences and similarities between compared to academic settings.

I've grown and learned from this experience, especially parts of the test that didn't run as smoothly. After this test, I have planned my data collection more carefully, especially when I'm conducting tests on my own. 

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