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Digital Analysis 

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In a proactive stride towards digital adaptation, I conducted an extensive digital analysis for Närhälsan. 

This encompassed benchmarking against peers in the healthcare sector, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making. The resulting recommendations aimed to enhance their current website. 

I delivered: 

  • A report 

  • A design based on their system 


Some of the methods used: 


  • Secondary Research 

  • SWOT



My role

I planned and conducted the research, summarized it through a report which resulted in a design proposal as well.

Team size

Just me




100 hours



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So, what's the problem? 

The healthcare sector in Sweden has witnessed a transformation, marked by an influx of new healthcare providers. This has escalated demands and intensified competition. Närhälsan wants to keep up and give the same standard as their competitors. 

The project

In this project, a comprehensive analysis of Närhälsan's digital expression was carried out in order to give concrete recommendations for improvement. The process included extensive secondary research and SWOT analyzes on various healthcare providers, pharmacies, grocers and fitness companies.

We created a custom SWOT matrix designed to rank Närhälsan in the context of its peers to clearly demonstrate similarities and differences.

Furthermore, a PESTEL analysis was carried out specifically for Närhälsan to anticipate future digital needs. Best practice was identified and a gap analysis was carried out to clearly illustrate the current state of Närhälsan and envision the desired future.


All this work was boiled down to a report that was submitted and later led to them also asking for design proposals. The design was carefully adapted within the framework of Närhälsan's current technical infrastructure and future plans. 

"Fun to see the design in a new light that covers all the things from the presentation, also nice that it match our current system, it feels technically doable." 

- Customer Närhälsan

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Did I learn anything?

One important lesson from this project was the need for careful planning, especially when collecting data. We gathered a lot of information, and not all of it was useful for Närhälsan. So, we had to sort through and remove unnecessary data to make our report as effective as possible. If I were to do this all over again I would set a standard or template for the report early on. 

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